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Often times, we focus on the benefits of tracking employee time — for the employer. Of course, accurate time records do offer employers many benefits: easier, faster and more accurate payroll processing, more efficient workforce administration, better control over labor costs, and so forth.

What we may sometimes overlook, though, are the benefits time tracking offers to employee, Some time back, I brought you the story of the Florida Department of Corrections, who were facing significant potential sanctions from the Florida state legislature for apparent “foot-dragging” over installing an automated time and attendance system. On a news site reporting the story, visitor “Kathy” opined that the new system was “just another way to make prison workers miserable.”

Sadly, all too often, when an employer announces a new time tracking system, employees are like “Kathy.” They assume time tracking is only for the benefit of the employer and represents nothing but an annoyance for workers.

Employee resistance can slow adoption of a new system, reduce the time and cost savings you realize from the system, or even — if unchecked — scuttle the project entirely. For your new time and attendance system implementation to succeed, it’s imperative your employees be on board.

So how can you encourage your employees to get excited about a new time and attendance system ?